By employing film and photographic sequences, artist Sanne van den Elzen reflects on the underlying suspense related to the rules, roles, and patterns of our non-verbal behaviour. Social structures are a key element in her work.

In Today, too, I experienced something I hope to understand in a few days (2018), she takes a closer look at the manner in which we greet one another—perhaps the most universal gesture of all.

IMG. 0 – 97 NOWA HUTA, The World Library of Sanne and Lukas (2018)
The World Library of Sanne and Lukas is a visual library documenting subjects in various places and times.

Salon (2012) highlights the relationship between Sanne van den Elzen and the women from her home village, which came in her salon since 2006 till 2012. This publication was awarded with The Best Dutch Book Designs in 2012.