Annegien van Doorn (1982) is a visual artist and photographer who approaches her photo books as art objects. Her very first book “In Passing” has a cover constructed out of a Bar-le-Duc drink carton, and for her most recent book “Biophilia” she melted artificial leaves and flowers onto the cover of every book.

The often paradoxical relationship between man and nature is central to Annegien van Doorn’s work. In today’s world, we attempt to bring nature back into our daily lives. We instinctively know that in order to be happy, we must maintain some kind of connection with her.

Annegien van Doorn explores the various ways we strive to incorporate nature into our lives. She doesn’t just focus on how we interact with “actual” nature; she also examines how we search for artificial substitutions that promise to give us the same kind of feeling.