Temple books in Lille

We were invited by Temple Books for the fair in L’Institut pour la Photographie in Lille, with a focus on Dutch publishers. Thanks a lot Temple Books: you took very good care of us !


For this years edition of the New York Art Book Fair, Bas Fontein represented DIABP together with DIABP-designer Mark Kuiper. They had a great fair with lots of costumers. Unfortunately, one of [...]


A new CK edition of Jan Dirk van der Burg with a new T-shirt and Amazonia (Paul Cupido) by Alauda Publications and Sanne van den Elzen gave a talk with Lucas Heibkes, and lots and lots of sales.

DIABP fans

We have a scarf! Only for the real fans! YOU’LL NEVER READ ALONE Order now: only € 15 !! Send an email to: hello@diabp.nl

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