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Alauda Publications

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Alauda Publications is an Amsterdam-based publishing house in the field of contemporary art & photography, founded by Esther Krop in 2009.

The emphasis is on publications in which form and content meaningfully interrelate. Their books are carefully designed with an eye for tactility, craftsmanship and ecology. Alauda Publications works without a fixed procedure or a pre-specified format: for every project a tailor-made plan is created, encompassing all steps from the initial idea to the distribution.

Some titles:
Lâmo Lâva. Melanie Matthieu
Robert Smithson. Art in Continual Movement
Arnon Grunberg. Brieven aan Esther
Mariken Wessels. Queen Ann. P.S. Belly cut off
Museutopia. A Photographic Research Project by Ilya Rabinovich


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